Look to the rock from which you were cut and to the quarry from which you were hewn!
 Isaiah 51:1 NIV
This passage pictures for all Pastors the confidence, the source, the character, the destiny of everything Pastors do.
The confidence, because God, the Almighty can do anything, even through one person, even one like Abraham.

I will look to the Rock.
The source of everything a Pastor needs - Jesus - water from the rock.
I will look to the Rock.
The character of everything Pastors hope to achieve in their own hearts - to be Christlike - a  chip off the old block - so to speak.  

May the mind of Christ our Savior....
I will look to the Rock.

Our desire for success - to be partners in building a spiritual temple built of living stones in Him from whom we are quarried.  

I will look to the Rock.

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The LINKS TO THE RIGHT contain some of my main resources for working as a Pastor.    I have found them valuable.   I have included some of my sermons and stories linked through the Sermon and Story Index pages.  I have found the sermons of others a blessing to me.  My hope is that others will be blessed in turn through these messages. Intercessors and Prayer Coordinators will find some encouraging resources under the Intercession Intervention Resources.  

DminProgDminBlogReformed Sermons Alphabetically Listed by textSermons Scripturally listed by textSermons TopicalSermones en españolJesus used Stories to tell us the truth. We should use the same strategy to tell truth to others, especially our children. These are some of the stories that I have written for the children I serve. These Christian Children's Stories about Joseph, Daniel and other occasions such as Good Friday and Easter are also the most visited part of my website!Prayer is the Christian's first Partnership in accomplishing the will of God in this world. Intercession Intervention is a programed strategy of prayer for the church. This links to a variety of prayer resources including a basic instruction on the ministry of intercession.PapersLinks that I like and use often.A little project that I designed for Lifewater Canada. 50 of these Water level tape and TDS sensors are presently all over the world especially in third world countries helping indigenous well drilling teams determine their water recovery rates and total desolved solids.Visitors PBV Updates Blog



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